Black (W)hole  is an Art + Science Collaboration with Sara Mast (art), Chris O’Leary (animation), Cindy Stilwell (film), Jason Bolte (music), Charles Kankelborg (physics) with physics advisors Nico Yunes and Joey Shapiro Key. In this work, the body is privileged as a site of knowing along with vision and hearing. The viewer’s embodied experience of stepping into a black hole, surrounded by morphing images of the 100 year old Einstein equations which led to the discovery of black holes, activates a non-discursive mode of sensing, symbolizing, and visceral knowing. Through embodiment, the viewer’s scientific understanding and aesthetic engagement is embedded in concrete, lived experience. Click here to visit the Black (W)hole website.


Transmutations is a five minute video loop designed as part of the installation, My contribution was conceiving and creating the floor to ceiling film projection that helped create the immersive environment.