News: Black Maria Film Festival

Mating For Life will be part of the official BLACK MARIA FILM FESTIVAL tour. As a DIRECTOR’S CHOICE winner, the film may be selected to screen at stop on the tour in a venue near you. For info visit:

From the website: Mating for Life  – 48.75 min. by Cindy Stillwell, Bozeman, MT.
This gentle, sensitive, observational documentary, narrated by the filmmaker, focuses on a personal pilgrimage to a refuge where one can witness the annual spring migration of Sandhill Cranes. It’s a metaphor for human transformation. ‘Mating for Life’ is a meditation on nature and art, and poses essential questions about our need for both connection and solitude. The filmmaker camps out for days in a tiny, canvas bird blind, isolated from all human contact, alone with her view of the birds and her thoughts.

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